Multipurpose docking station from Fenda


If we use the word, “dock” it relates to attaching, hauling two pieces alongside which were separate before. The term is commonly used in context of ships, aircrafts, electronic devices to docking station and other usage. Does the term relate to safeguarding in any way? Yes, it does!

What is the history of usage of docking for electronic equipment? The usage of docking for shipping, aviation industry is old, but its usage for electronics and computing devices is relatively new. In context of computing, docking station is related to plugging in electronic devices such as laptops to common peripherals. What if the docking station is to be connected to a wide range of dockable devices? Does the design of the docking station remain same for mobile phones and other electronic devices?

It is not a standard as the various dockable devices have different connectors, power signaling and uses hence are specific for each dockable device. Sometimes a dock can substitute a laptop for desktop, without compromising on the mobile functionality of the device. That’s cool! And to top this feature, portable computer can dock, undock hot, cold, or standby depending the system has the capabilities.

What is the general purpose of using docking stations? Are there advantages associated? Does it give benefit of adding capabilities of our device? The uses of docking station for laptops are many. It cannot be better than have a stand for better cooling and screen height, ease of charge of battery, advantage of extra bays for CD, DVD and other hard drives, and built-in speakers.

Docking station complement with electronic devices well. They both give the advantage of using many more peripherals and accessories, without having the hassle of cables and other connectors. It cannot be any simpler. Just place the laptop to the dock, and using one single connection get all functionality of the peripherals, accessories. To disconnect, simply unplug the cable or press the button to release and you are all done until you come back on your work station.

What are the choices of docking station for mobile phones or other handheld devices? What does a docking station do for our device? Simply said, it is a safe place to park our expensive handheld gadgets. All the more it is for Apple devices, which are undoubtedly top of the line but expensive also. Apple products, for their sleek design user experience coveted by many, but need to be handled carefully for its high price.

To take away some of your worries for your iPod and iPhone, Fenda has created a dock exclusively for these devices. Fenda I226.  Isn’t it a cool thing! A dock to safely place your Apple devices, to avoid damage to the gadgets, sleek design to fit in with your deco and compact to be carried anywhere.

Not only it is meant to park your handheld devices, the dock has other features to boast of. Of its many features, the dock has alarm clock and radio to make you an early riser. If you fumble about being woken early, you can wake up to your choice of music on the radio, Apple device, or even from your PC, laptop or MP3 player. For the habitual snoozer, the top control panel is there to put the alarm off and have those extra minutes of sleep.

To add to the features, technology of the dock is the design. Sleek design, black and silver color body, LCD display which is adjustable and dual alarm makes the dock first choice of any gadget geek.


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