Complete cinema experience at home from F&D F700UF

img_f700uf_main                                                                       Recreation, enjoyment is needed by all for the mind to get a break from our daily wagon of work, which rejuvenates and takes the mind of all negativities. The choice of recreation, relaxation needed is individual dependent and can be anything from playing a sport, practicing music, and hiking, cooking, reading, hanging out with friends or even watching movies.

Cinema is a big business worldwide, while Hollywood is known to all because of its high quality productions in a wide range of subjects such as action, fashion, history, fiction, science to name a few, not to forget the wide range of children’s, animation and other movies made. The cinema produced uses high technology equipment, realistic sets, and all that which makes a cinema watching experience mesmerizing.

There is other cinema also produced worldwide, mostly in the language which is widely spoken in that region, country. This cinema is more popular among the people who speak the language, and sometimes by other people if it has subtitles in some other language which is comprehensible. The Indian film industry which comprises of the Hindi film industry and other regional language cinema which is produced is big business which gives employment to a large number of people, and brings big revenue.

The Hindi film industry, popularly known as “Bollywood”, is the heart and soul of people across age, class, background making it one of the most popular medium of entertainment. The popularity of the industry can be gauged from the large chunk of revenue it generates for the country and the recognition it has given to Indian cinema on an international level. This has been possible because of talent, subject, technology which has taken Indian cinema to another level.

Going to the cinema for a movie with the family, friends or any other company is so much looked forward to. It is complete entertainment, enchantment which takes the mind off the world, and whatever is on the screen in front is only real. The sharp pictures, Dolby surround sound, effects, colors doesn’t take the eyes off even for a moment while the movie is going on. And to add to that pleasure, a bag of popcorn, soft drinks or other snack of choice at the cinema makes it an evening to cherish.

Undoubtedly the cinema experience is enthralling, but it comes with a high price. An evening to the cinema can be an expensive affair, which has to be thought of before shelling the money. Owing to the high cost of watching movies at the cinema, many people have switched to watching movies at home. This has been possible because of availability of the movies in compact digital form which can be played on the media of choice.

To make the movie watching experience more enjoyable, technology has played an important role. The use of high definition TV, combined with the best surround sound system gives a complete cinema experience at home. The F700UF surround sound from Fenda is a compact speaker system which gives a true cinema experience at home. It gives a bombastic sound experience, with a 3’’ full range driver for satellite, and 5” bass driver for sub woofer; strong and low distortion bass generated from wooden cabinet sub woofer; and advanced PLL technology for radio for superior reception and flexibility of programming with 30 preset stations.

The system has the convenience of plug and play USB and SD card reader, and a USB card reader which supports MP3/WMA dual format decoding. This 5.1 series home theater speaker system from Fenda, delivers deep bass for first row cinema experience.


2 comments on “Complete cinema experience at home from F&D F700UF

  1. Vivek says:

    hey dude, do you own this sound speakers ? If yes, then please mention the price of it you have bought it for and when did you buy it. That should be helpful for everyone.

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