Multipurpose docking station from Fenda


If we use the word, “dock” it relates to attaching, hauling two pieces alongside which were separate before. The term is commonly used in context of ships, aircrafts, electronic devices to docking station and other usage. Does the term relate to safeguarding in any way? Yes, it does!

What is the history of usage of docking for electronic equipment? The usage of docking for shipping, aviation industry is old, but its usage for electronics and computing devices is relatively new. In context of computing, docking station is related to plugging in electronic devices such as laptops to common peripherals. What if the docking station is to be connected to a wide range of dockable devices? Does the design of the docking station remain same for mobile phones and other electronic devices?

It is not a standard as the various dockable devices have different connectors, power signaling and uses hence are specific for each dockable device. Sometimes a dock can substitute a laptop for desktop, without compromising on the mobile functionality of the device. That’s cool! And to top this feature, portable computer can dock, undock hot, cold, or standby depending the system has the capabilities.

What is the general purpose of using docking stations? Are there advantages associated? Does it give benefit of adding capabilities of our device? The uses of docking station for laptops are many. It cannot be better than have a stand for better cooling and screen height, ease of charge of battery, advantage of extra bays for CD, DVD and other hard drives, and built-in speakers.

Docking station complement with electronic devices well. They both give the advantage of using many more peripherals and accessories, without having the hassle of cables and other connectors. It cannot be any simpler. Just place the laptop to the dock, and using one single connection get all functionality of the peripherals, accessories. To disconnect, simply unplug the cable or press the button to release and you are all done until you come back on your work station.

What are the choices of docking station for mobile phones or other handheld devices? What does a docking station do for our device? Simply said, it is a safe place to park our expensive handheld gadgets. All the more it is for Apple devices, which are undoubtedly top of the line but expensive also. Apple products, for their sleek design user experience coveted by many, but need to be handled carefully for its high price.

To take away some of your worries for your iPod and iPhone, Fenda has created a dock exclusively for these devices. Fenda I226.  Isn’t it a cool thing! A dock to safely place your Apple devices, to avoid damage to the gadgets, sleek design to fit in with your deco and compact to be carried anywhere.

Not only it is meant to park your handheld devices, the dock has other features to boast of. Of its many features, the dock has alarm clock and radio to make you an early riser. If you fumble about being woken early, you can wake up to your choice of music on the radio, Apple device, or even from your PC, laptop or MP3 player. For the habitual snoozer, the top control panel is there to put the alarm off and have those extra minutes of sleep.

To add to the features, technology of the dock is the design. Sleek design, black and silver color body, LCD display which is adjustable and dual alarm makes the dock first choice of any gadget geek.


Compact speakers from Fenda A110

ImageIt is said music is therapeutic for the mind, body and soul. Music can bring spirit, new energy to the most dull and insipid moods. What is it about music which causes the stir? Is it the rhythm, beats, lyrics or the combination of all which causes the reaction? It surely is the combination of all, and also the device which plays the music that creates the effect.

The choice of device for playing your favorite audio content such as film music, spiritual music, commentary or any other kind of audio plays an important role. The device which plays the music and the output device can change the music listening experience dramatically. The sound listening experience has been greatly enhanced with the technology which is used in creating music and the technology used in the devices which play music.

In a mere 8 years of its market presence, Fenda Audio has emerged as a market leader in the audio segment. All Fenda products are crafted with utmost care for high performance on sound and best user experience in terms of design. All Fenda products are consistent in quality and products which are innovative to keep with the needs of the modern consumer. This has been the reason Fenda has established a niche for its products in such a short span of time.

One of the first series of speakers from Fenda is the 2.1 which has robust features, design which are most needed from any speaker system. The 2.1 speaker series from Fenda has a range of products each with its own distinguished features and highlights. The A110 speaker system from Fenda truly has the essence of power of sound in wood. The multimedia speaker system is housed in wooden cabinets, the heavy duty subwoofers and full range divers for satellite speakers makes sure the sound delivered is crystal clear and economical of power.

The highlights of the speaker system is convenience to be attached to MP3 players, DVD player, CD player, laptops, PC to listen to your favorite piece of music and the convenience of volume and bass control on side panel. The speaker system is equipped with built-in AVR to work in a wide voltage operating range and efficient design which saves energy considerably. The control panel of the speaker system is on the side which also has green LED power indicator. The idea of the speaker system is simple design and ease of use which works in the favor of the user.

The speaker system delivers thumping sound with 3000W PMPO. The wooden cabinet ensures minimum sound distortion but does not compromise on performance. The satellite speakers which are made of metal grill enhance the volume feature while maintaining clarity. The design is elegant enough to blend with the design of any décor. It is a perfect device to be packed for outdoor use or for home entertainment. The weight is just over three kilos which makes the speaker system easy to handle, and connects easily to a range of devices.

The speaker system from Fenda can surely be a device of pride for its robust features, sleek elegant design and functionality ideal for multiple uses. And the price is not heavy on the pocket also, if compared to speaker systems of similar configurations from other leading brands. . The speaker system from Fenda can take music to totally another level of experience. The speaker system is already a pride of many homes; for its high performance, design and easy to use features. What are you waiting for? Wouldn’t you want to own one?

Complete cinema experience at home from F&D F700UF

img_f700uf_main                                                                       Recreation, enjoyment is needed by all for the mind to get a break from our daily wagon of work, which rejuvenates and takes the mind of all negativities. The choice of recreation, relaxation needed is individual dependent and can be anything from playing a sport, practicing music, and hiking, cooking, reading, hanging out with friends or even watching movies.

Cinema is a big business worldwide, while Hollywood is known to all because of its high quality productions in a wide range of subjects such as action, fashion, history, fiction, science to name a few, not to forget the wide range of children’s, animation and other movies made. The cinema produced uses high technology equipment, realistic sets, and all that which makes a cinema watching experience mesmerizing.

There is other cinema also produced worldwide, mostly in the language which is widely spoken in that region, country. This cinema is more popular among the people who speak the language, and sometimes by other people if it has subtitles in some other language which is comprehensible. The Indian film industry which comprises of the Hindi film industry and other regional language cinema which is produced is big business which gives employment to a large number of people, and brings big revenue.

The Hindi film industry, popularly known as “Bollywood”, is the heart and soul of people across age, class, background making it one of the most popular medium of entertainment. The popularity of the industry can be gauged from the large chunk of revenue it generates for the country and the recognition it has given to Indian cinema on an international level. This has been possible because of talent, subject, technology which has taken Indian cinema to another level.

Going to the cinema for a movie with the family, friends or any other company is so much looked forward to. It is complete entertainment, enchantment which takes the mind off the world, and whatever is on the screen in front is only real. The sharp pictures, Dolby surround sound, effects, colors doesn’t take the eyes off even for a moment while the movie is going on. And to add to that pleasure, a bag of popcorn, soft drinks or other snack of choice at the cinema makes it an evening to cherish.

Undoubtedly the cinema experience is enthralling, but it comes with a high price. An evening to the cinema can be an expensive affair, which has to be thought of before shelling the money. Owing to the high cost of watching movies at the cinema, many people have switched to watching movies at home. This has been possible because of availability of the movies in compact digital form which can be played on the media of choice.

To make the movie watching experience more enjoyable, technology has played an important role. The use of high definition TV, combined with the best surround sound system gives a complete cinema experience at home. The F700UF surround sound from Fenda is a compact speaker system which gives a true cinema experience at home. It gives a bombastic sound experience, with a 3’’ full range driver for satellite, and 5” bass driver for sub woofer; strong and low distortion bass generated from wooden cabinet sub woofer; and advanced PLL technology for radio for superior reception and flexibility of programming with 30 preset stations.

The system has the convenience of plug and play USB and SD card reader, and a USB card reader which supports MP3/WMA dual format decoding. This 5.1 series home theater speaker system from Fenda, delivers deep bass for first row cinema experience.